World Class Workflow Provider

Redleaf was presented with the perfect opportunity to turn data into a highly valuable digital asset. A two-year collaboration on StableWizard, utilising the practices of one of the best in the thoroughbred training business was the basis for our modelling of their workflow systems followed by rigorous testing with their team.


The enormous challenges of working with highly tuned horses at the peak of their racing careers, each potentially worth millions of dollars, was a powerful motivation to focus the mind and ensure the highest standards would be met in our systems design and delivery. StableWizard has built a solution hand in hand with the sector, replacing the antiquated system and enhancing the total workflow of the stable.


Using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model enables the trainer to view hundreds of horses and their hourly data, from numerous remote locations, to manage their care and preparation to the race. The system is created on the processes and welfare strategies of one of Australia’s most successful trainers and its modules are adaptable across the globe to revolutionise the equine industry asset management and welfare.